неодимовый магнит купить в Украине
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неодимовый магнит купить в Украине

Neodymium magnets have become indispensable in many areas of human life. They are used in energy, in medicine, in various industries, as well as in everyday life. These are the most powerful magnets that you can freely buy on the Internet. They are made from rare earth alloys of neodymium, iron and boron. By their magnetic properties they exceed ordinary magnets by more than 18 times, and lose their properties very slowly, no more than 2% in ten years.

We have a huge selection of neodymium magnets that differ in size and shape: discs, rectangles, squares, rings, cubes, rods, balls. You can also buy neodymium magnets for bags, self-adhesive, gold plated, search, ferrite, neocubes and others. In addition to the shape and size, neodymium magnets differ in such indicators as operating temperature, magnetic energy, coercive force and residual magnetic induction. The site has a section with detailed technical specifications that will help you make the right choice.

Neodymium magnets attract metal objects with great force, so be extremely careful when using them. Make sure that your fingers do not get between a powerful magnet and a metal object, otherwise you risk injury. These magnets can affect the operation of electrical and mechanical devices; try to place them as far as possible. During transportation, use special gaskets that reduce the effect of the magnetic field, or at least wrap the product in a thick layer of fabric. Under no circumstances should children play with magnets. A small child can swallow a small magnet, and this can seriously disrupt the digestive tract.

On our website you can buy a neodymium magnet at the best price in retail and wholesale, as well as receive detailed advice from a qualified specialist. To purchase, you need to select the necessary products, indicate their quantity, and then place an order in our store by filling in the required fields. Carefully fill out the form, clearly indicate the surname, name, mobile phone. We will ship your order to any New Post office you specify in your locality. If the branch number is not indicated, then the purchase will be sent to branch No. 1.

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