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Erectile dysfunction is a commonly encountered problem among men, regardless of their age.We can say - millions of men are suffering from ED & it's normal.

You may be suffering from ED when you cannot attain or maintain the desired hardness of erections during sexual intimacy.

If you dig deeper into this matter, you'll get to know that it's all about the muscles that cause erections. These are pelvic organ muscles that are supposed to lead & maintain erections. When they lose their tone & strength, ED happens. In other words, when there is a lot of stress around the smooth pelvic organ muscles, poor erectile conditions occur.

What are the risk factors of ED?

You may wonder about the possibilities that expose a man's health to ED. Here are some common risk factors:

Poor heart health Prostate Cancer Less to no physical activity Smoking & alcohol habits Overweight / Obese Stressful lifestyle

Believe it or not,  doctors who prescribe ED medicines like Kamagra, Fildena, Cenforce, Viagra, etc. also suggest that getting back to your ideal weight, making some lifestyle changes, and exercising regularly can improve ED conditions.

How effective is exercising as compared to other ED treatments?

Plucking the problems from roots will have impactful & long-lasting effects on health. Any ED medicine will only promise to minimize the effects, but it cannot cure impotence completely. By the time you're using those medicine, you'll surely feel that ED is…

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