The last three wishes of Alexander the Great
53, Αθήνα, Greece

On the verge of death, Alexander called his generals and sent its last three wishes.

1] To transfer the coffin on the shoulders of the best physicians of the time.

2] the treasures acquired [silver, gold, precious stones] to scatter them all the way to the grave.

3] His hands to stay swaying in the air, out of the coffin, in view of all.

One of the generals, surprised by the unusual desires, Alexander asked what were the reasons.

Alexander explained:

1] I want the most eminent physicians to raise my coffin to be able to show in this way that either they did not have before death, the power to heal!

2] I want the ground to be covered by the treasures to me, everybody can see that we get the goods here, remain here!

3] I want my hands to float in the air, to allow people to see that we come with empty hands and leave empty hands when finished for us the most precious treasure that is the time!

"Time" is the most precious treasure we have, because it is limited.
We can create money, but no longer.
When you spend time in a person's bestowing a part of our lives that will never be able to recoup.

Time is our life. The best gift you can give someone is your time!

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dorociapl 21.12.2012

Czas jest naszym życiem *THUMBS UP* *HI*

kimi68 kimi68 22.12.2012

I totally agree *YES* *HI*

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